Chicago Tribune Editorial: For the Illinois House. Mazzochi, Breen, Curtis, Wheeler, Edly-Allen, McLaughlin, Morrison, Kegarise, Yost, Walsh

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Republican Dan Yost is a village trustee in Antioch, where nearby Wisconsin beckons with the lure of lower taxes. “Families can save thousands of dollars on their taxes by moving north,” Yost says. His district is on the front lines, literally, of the exodus of people and jobs out of Illinois. It’s also Exhibit A when it comes to the need for real, lasting pension reform that can stabilize Illinois’ precarious fiscal outlook and pave the way for property taxes that don’t drive Illinoisans out of the state. Yost, who is challenging incumbent Democrat Joyce Mason of Gurnee, is endorsed.

The Daily Herald Endorsement: Dan Yost for state representative from Illinois House Dist. 61

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In the race for state representative from House District 61, one-term incumbent Democrat Joyce Mason faces a compelling challenge from Antioch village trustee Republican Dan Yost.

Mason, of Gurnee, has shown modest promise in her first term, even going so far as to defy the governor by pushing a bill that would have required legislative support before the state could apply for a federal Medicaid waiver from the Affordable Care Act. But otherwise, her actions and comments seem to follow a fairly predictable pattern among party-line Democrats: Mild but inconclusive criticism of the speaker, vague calls for ethics reform, support for the graduated income tax and standard, if important, calls for unity and reform on social justice and criminal justice issues.

Yost, in contrast, offers the impression of an earnest and independent-minded Republican. He recognizes the weaknesses in Illinois’ financial operations and insists the state must address what he sees as its spending problem before trying to raise revenues. But he realizes that reduced spending alone may not solve the state’s deep systemic economic crisis and is thoughtful and open on options to address the problem holistically. He likewise offers a thoughtful mixture of criticism, praise and specific actions on issues ranging from the governor’s handling of COVID-19 to issues involving legislative ethics and criminal justice reform.

“I want to do more learning than talking,” he told us, and we’re confident he will. Yet, we’re also confident he has the energy and drive to act on what he learns.

Yost is sincere and collaborative in his approach to politics. The legislature needs more Republicans like him, and he gets our endorsement.

Dan Yost Announces Bid For State Representative

Antioch, IL – Small business owner and Antioch Trustee Dan Yost announced his campaign for State Representative in the 61st House District today.

“I’m running for State Representative to ensure families can stay in their homes, find good-paying jobs, and raise their children here. My family has been in Illinois since 1835, and I won’t let irresponsible politicians continue chasing families out of the state through skyrocketing property taxes and corruption.”

Illinois families pay the second-highest property taxes in the nation. Property taxes are a particularly destructive problem in Lake County, where the average family pays a crippling $9,186 per year. Rather than addressing this crisis, the General Assembly passed additional tax and fee hikes in the last session.

State legislators, lobbyists, and government officials have been the targets of FBI raids, investigations, indictments, and arrests. Current Representative Joyce Mason took hundreds of thousands of dollars from Speaker Madigan, who is at the center of these ethics and sexual harassment scandals. In fact, Rep. Mason voted for Madigan even after the sexual harassment cases came to light.

“Honesty and integrity in government are prerequisites for the effective delivery of services and responsible use of our tax dollars. We deserve an independent leader in Springfield who will stand up for our district. Families in our community are tired of self-dealing politicians who fail to deliver results on issues that impact our day-to-day lives.”

Dan Yost is the Chief Operating Officer at Vertus, an employee benefits consulting firm focused on delivering results for its clients. Dan is currently serving his first term as an Antioch Trustee.

Dan, a Republican, and his wife Sonja live in Antioch. They have three children.

The 61st is a northeastern Illinois district bordering Wisconsin that contains all or part of Antioch, Beach Park, Grayslake, Gurnee, Lake Villa, Lindenhurst, Old Mill Creek, Third Lake, Wadsworth, Waukegan, Winthrop Harbor, and Zion.

In the 2018 election, the Republican candidate lost by about 3 percentage points, making the 61st one of the most competitive districts in the state.